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I have large, wide feet. I also have bunion toes - which actually is less related to the toe than to the side of the foot. One of these bunions is painful when not in the right kind of shoe. I also pronate - mainly because my knee joints are worn more on one side than the other. I wear specially-made inserts in my shoes to help correct that stance and my posture.

Today I learned of a shoe company that makes custom shoes for any foot. Really custom. They are expensive but absolutely affordable when you think of the benefits. A pair of hiking shoes would cost about $275 - built to my feet, to my legs, accommodating my inserts. I am now lusting after these shoes. They are at http://www.herseycustomshoe.com. What's wonderful is that this company does not exploit labor, is a small company, yet does such a wonderful job. We need more of these and fewer of the others.

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