Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

being served

One thing that often makes me uncomfortable is "being served". It seems like people who serve are offering themselves in a subservient way. I tip well in restaurants and appreciate what servers in that capacity do, and I don't feel all that uncomfortable in that situation.

I dislike being hovered over, particularly in a personal setting, like in a family group. One of my sisters tends to hover and try to anticipate the needs of others. If I just mention that a glass of water sounds good, she is up out of her chair heading for the water glass. She might also ask if she can bring me something else or do something for my legs or whatever. I have to watch what I say.

Yet there is another type. Yesterday I was sitting down, reading, and it was hot. I got up to get myself a glass of ice water. I thought, how nice it would be if Paul offered to get me a glass of water. I don't know why. Then, today at work a coworker told me he was going on a Starbucks run and did I want anything, and I loved that. I wrote down what I wanted, went back to my computer, and patiently waited for the drink to arrive. I find this kind of "service" special and attentive and I do like it. I don't know why!

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