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Today the power went out. It does that often, or has been doing that often. One of the last times it happened I pulled that stupid convection oven out of the kitchen. It is waiting to find a new home. Lately, though, it hasn't even taken the power of a convection or microwave oven to make the place shut down. The innocent gas dryer does it.

It isn't the circuit breaker, either. We have to go straight to the pedestal outside the home. There is a switch on there that has to be reset. Unfortunately, it wasn't resetting easily, and today it gave up.

After trekking uselessly to various hardware stores, I came back and approached the park manager, Matt, about the pedestal, to find out what he knows about it. He came over, determined that the power was indeed off, figured this called for help, and he did call for help. He said that if the problem was in the pedestal the park will pay, but if it is in the circuit breaker I have to pay. Good enough.

I took a bet on that one and I won. It was the park's responsibility. And now we have a new switch out there and chances are this isn't going to happen again. Not for twelve years, the electician said, actually.

I took advantage of this time in other ways. I asked Matt about the possible increase in rent if I replace my home. He said at most it would increase by 10%. I can live with that. Then, later, as I was discussing the ways of electical things with Shaun, the electrician, I asked him what it would take to upgrade the electricity in the house if I were to get a new home in there. Turns out it would be a piece of cake. So this tells me there is hope indeed for the new home. It could actually happen.

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