Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Bullet and the burrs

Bullet is a big, long-haired gray megacat. He's about 16 pounds, quite long-legged, and not particularly given to being picked up. He does like to climb in my lap, however, and purr, and if he's in there he will be happy to have me hold him close.

He has a habit of hanging in the back yard. He lies there for hours, sometimes it seems days, rolling over now and then in the dry grasses. These grasses have pickers in them. Little round seed things with sticky outsides, long sticks, you name it. And his fur is not sleek, it's a softer kind of fur that is just right for having things stick. I think he's the grasses' best friend in propagating their kind.

When he climbs in my lap these days he comes with layers of these sticky things. I am forever pulling them out of his fur and out of my clothing. I have put clothes back in the wash after he has chosen to lie down on the fresh laundry. The stickier pieces get caught in his fur and sometimes he will bite me when I try to pull them out.

Nevertheless, what a cat.

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