Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

On the delightful side...

I met my next-door neighbor outside on Sunday, when I was doing a little clearing of leaves. James asked about the chorale, and I said I finally had news, that we will be doing Bach's Christmas Oratorio on December 18. I said the first meeting is Aug 30, a potluck. He asked if he could come along, just to mingle. I said I'd find out. Then I asked him if he might want to audition.

Yes! The auditions were the next day, Monday, hardly time to prepare a piece, but I told him he could sing My Country Tis of Thee if push came to shove, and I told him the web site address so he could write or call to arrange for an audition.

Well, glory be. He did it! He auditioned last night and came on over to my place afterwards. He won't know until Wednesday if he got in, but he said it was just the most wonderful five minutes! He felt so at home. I hope like crazy that he gets in! That kind of enthusiasm doesn't grow on trees, and he does have the background in singing, so I bet he will get in.

This neighbor is so nice, so friendly and open. And I tend to be my somewhat reserved self, don't invite him into my mess, for example. We've talked about going on walks together but haven' t yet done that. There are probably other things we could do. It's nice to have good neighbors, unusual neighbors.

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