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A fellow dem activist sent this out (including the introductory paragraph):

Charlie Reese writes for the Orlando Sentinel. He's a Conservative
Republican who is anti-abortion, anti-tax-and-spend, loudly critical of
legislation by the judiciary, doesn't think much of multiculturalism or
secularism, has suggested Clinton "turned the Oval Office into a
whorehouse," thinks Ronald Reagan is the greatest thing to come down the
pike since canned beer, and voted for Bush in the last election.

So, take a look at his article
which follows.

Vote For A Man, Not A Puppet
Orlando Sentinel, Charlie Reese

Americans should realize that if they vote for President Bush's re-election,
they are really voting for the architects of war - Dick Cheney, Donald
Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and the rest of that cabal of neoconservative
ideologues and their corporate backers.

I have sadly come to the conclusion that President Bush is merely a
frontman, an empty suit, who is manipulated by the people in his
administration. Bush has the most dangerously simplistic view of the world
of any president in my memory.Read more...Collapse )

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