Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Annoying stuff. I went to a self-service car wash that's around the corner from where I live. The change machine wasn't working, so I went to a nearby laundromat for change. The "soft scrub" and "final rinse" options on the car wash machine didn't work correctly. I was left with a minute of time and no water coming out for the "spot-free rinse". Then I went to the machine that sells "large white wipes" for a dollar. I put in the four quarters and nothing came out. And no returned money, either.

So I ended up taking a roll of paper towels from my trunk and doing my best to wipe the car off, then heading for the vaccuums. The vaccuum worked. I wasn't about to try the shampoo. Anyway, my car isn't dirty enough.

There is no name on the carwash. There is another business on the same lot, a motorcycle business, that is closed today. No mail slot or any indication of how to reach the carwash owner.

I went home and tried the better business bureau online. No good. No carwash at that address came up. I went to google directories, and finally to a "reverse phone directory" to find what was located at that address. Only the motorcycle business. I can't reach the owner or file a complaint. If I want to pursue this, and I may, I can get the business name from city hall tomorrow and contact them that way. Every business has to have a license and an address where the business owner can be found.

It wouldn't be a big deal except that over the past several years I have had similar experiences at this place. AT one time there was a detailing business using the adjacent building, and those folks would have their cars all over the car wash so a person couldn't even get her car into the carwash at all. Many times the change machine has not worked, and most of the vending machines are continually out of stuff. You ask why did I go there? There is a sign, a big one, that says "Under new management"!! New Management, same as the Old Management, is what I say.

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