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The other day I talked to a designer about his plan for a new home in a new subdivision. I had developed general "design guidelines", with the subdivider, for this subdivision, mainly oriented to a "natural" appearance that would fit in with the woody surroundings.

The designer is the new owner of the subdivision. His home plan generally fit with the intent of the guidelines, but had the ubiquitous red clay tile - "Mission style" barrel roof. I asked him about using gray concrete tiles instead, as they'd blend better.

"I'm going for a "Tuscan village" design style," he replied.

"THAT's original," I observed. "Couldn't you just change the roof?"

"People like them. They sell."

"That doesn't mean another type wouldn't."

"The roof fits with the style."

I have to admit I was hoping to shame him into some kind of original thinking. But I think he designs because he can do a decent job, by today's lights, and make money at it. He told me a few years ago that he never got around to getting his architectural license because he was too busy working. Didn't seem to need it. Not having the license limits the type of construction he can design but he seems content with what he's got.

He's a nice guy and a decent enough designer, again, given that he works within a limited range, but I wonder if somewhere along the line he just cashed in any notions of doing something that matters.

But then, jeez. What do I do that matters?? That's the question I ask myself every damned day.

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