Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I've done my wee bit of yard cleaning today. I finished filling the waste wheeler and wheeled it to its home, where it gets picked up eventually, emptied. I know not when. I got caught by my neighbor, who was on a ladder trimming her hedge. She trims it industriously, in spite of various health problems. She's meticulous and takes a long time on it. I remember years ago when she would come over when her grandmother was living there and trim the hedges for her. I would dread those days. The hedge trimmer would whine all day for days. I just wanted her to be done with it. Now that we've become "neighborly" it isn't as awful. We're very very different, cut from different decks of cards, and I'd hate to be talking about politics, for example, with her. We'd soon have no friendship at all. But we find common ground.

There are no more yard waste wheelers available right now. Most of what I have left to do depends on having them, because it is windy here, always. We can't rake it up and leave it. So, with good conscience and a sense that I have done something, I came inside.

Now I sit with a glass of wine. I've had a couple of slices of bread to go with. What could be better?

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