Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Wednesday night. Karen and I took a hike in Reservoir Canyon after work today. It was perfect and I feel better for having done it. I know my knees will take a little longer to warm up tomorrow but that's okay. In the long run, I believe they will be better for the activity.

Otherwise I have not done much. Elaine should touch down in Albuquerque in a few minutes. She's visiting a friend for a few days. I hope that it's a good trip for her. I keep feeling like getting out, going somewhere. I wonder if all those trips in such rapid succession were what I really want. They would be if I felt comfortable financially. There is always something interesting to do, to think about, to say, on these trips.

I got a notice to clean up the yard from the management today. It's irritating that he says my neighbors are complaining. Why can't they act like adults and mention something to me directly? Noooo. They have to go run to mommy and daddy.

ANyway! Paul has volunteered to help with it this weekend and I just may take him up on that. In related news, Karen and I will be volunteering at a "fun run" in Pismo Sat morning. It's called "Stride with the Tide", and is a 5- and 10-K run along the beach. It's cool to watch how the tides come in during the time people are running - and walking. And it's cool to see how many people of all ages and conditions who choose to do this. No way I'd do it. But I'll sit at the registration desk and later take pix and that will be fun.

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