Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Phone bank penance

I did my time on the phone bank. The campaign headquarters is a large room in a newer building, easy to reach, parking available. REally good location and lots of room. I suspect the space was offered to Peg by the building owner as a kind of donation. I should say "in-kind" donation. Peg's daughter led us through the 10-minute training and we found ourselves phones and went to it. After I finished my pages I brought them back to her and said no, I didn't want to go through a few more. I said actually I hate this kind of thing and it wasn't that bad considering that. I offered my services as a computer geek instead, but I sensed they really want the foot soldiers who will do the phone thing. I don't think they'll call me again unless they get desperate. Works for me!

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