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I'm listening to This American Life. They went to a 24-hour restaurant in Chicago and tried to talk to everyone who came in there in one 24-hour period. They have captured the differences in the crowd at different times of day, and the differences in people. It's the kind of thing I often think about doing, but couldn't possibly do on my own.

One woman said part of her was in the restaurant but another part, a future part, was somewhere she did not know. She went on to describe how dreaming is perhaps reality and ... I tuned out at that point. It's interesting that some people can have a different way of seeing the world but it's still not interesting, not to me. Others are playing to the microphone.

This episode made me think of the skills of the interviewer. They didn't have time to get comfortable with all, with any, of the people in there, yet they managed to gain their trust, more than I can imagine doing myself.

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