Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Last night I went to a Dem "house party" at a mobilehome park clubhouse. There were about 75 of us there, tending toward an older crowd but with several in their thirties, and several children, a few young adults. We had spaghetti, wine and beer, salad, bread, and even cake. It was fun being part of that. I went alone - I had meant to ask Paul but when I got home he was holed up in his room and didn't answer my knock. I had asked karen last week and she said she was interested, so I left a message for her but didn't hear from her. So I went alone. I met a few people there that I know, which was nice, and I got fired up again, which was, I believe, the purpose of the event. All of us listening to McCleland and then Kerry, and how good they were! I sat next to a Republican, a woman fed up with what Bush had done to her job.

I bought a T-shirt and a button. I volunteered. Recklessly. This won't be the last we hear of that, I'm certain.

Today I thought I should pack the T-shirt in with the other stuff I'm sending to Elaine, but I couldn't part with it without having one of my own. So tomorrow I'll see if I can find one at the Dem headquarters, if it's open. They cost more online than I paid last night. But I guess I could go for those if that's the choice.

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