Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The Hunting of the President and the mounting of the papers

I've been sucked into The Hunting of the President for over a week now. I find it better than The Clinton Wars, although I feel the two cover slightly different aspects of Clinton's presidency. The Hunting is more straightforward and at the same time more detailed. I think it will emerge as a definitive history of the Whitewater investigation.

I am so horrified by what the Clinton-haters were willing to do and by the media's willingness to accept whatever was fed them. Every now and then one of the newspapers would shake off the right-wing conspiracists and look at the situation with a clearer eye, but most of the time they were more than willing to distort the facts to fit their version of the story. I am particularly impressed by the New York Times' collusion in this effort, and can see how it was that a reporter was later able to fake his stories for so long. Who's really checking? So few reporters do any real investigation any more.

Trouble is, my weekend is dissolving into a book.

That and a movie, though. I saw The Corporation yesterday afternoon. I recommend it highly.

This focus on the wider world, though, has kept me from the small world of my little piles of papers and pieces of equipment that need to be moved, dumped, or given away. I have some plans. The convection oven is going. Almost every time I use it I blow circuits. It's enough. It isn't worth it.

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