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Jul. 13th, 2004

It's July 13. Tomorrow we leave.

Tonight we host our host, for dinner. We are planning a dinner of stroganoffs - beef and mushroom - plus a soup starter, lentil, rice or noodles, steamed vegetables. Probably something cold for dessert.

I have started a list of repairs that need to be made here, and prefaced it so that it doesn't sound like we are whining. We most certainly are not. We suspect, though, that others have not mentioned these things because they haven't been here long or don't feel it is necessary to mention them. And the housekeeper may be the type that doesn't feel it is her place.

My knee is a lot better than it was a few days ago. I really lost time because of that injury but I'm glad it is healing. I am not worried about it now. I was worried that I would find myself limping up to the coastal commission lectern with a cane, and not having the energy to do the job. It's amazing how quickly an injury can take away energy.

Karol is running around maniacally, sweeping, dusting, and soon vacuuming. This always makes me nervous. She's always moving, of course, and I don't know if she's capable of being any other way.

Now, at the end of this visit, I am wishing I had recorded my thoughts throughout. They have flown, most of them.

Yesterday there was a cloud of smoke hanging over the city, from a fire off highway 111. We worried that it might creep closer but today it is clear. Apparently it either moved farther away or was put out. It was a huge fire.


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