Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

putting some of the world together

In my mind I have this written out cogently and cohesively. When I start writing for real, though, it jumbles a bit.

Again with the world view.

I felt actual pleasure at realizing that I knew of what Michael Moore spoke, that I had already done my homework. I've since realized that the more I read and put together, the better I feel, even while at the same time I despair at my own helplessness. My inability to change a world bent on self-destruction.

I am reading Paul Farmer's The Uses of Haiti. Farmer is the subject of another book, Mountains beyond Mountains, is a physician and anthropologist who has spent most of his adult life in Haiti. Read more about him at Partners in Health, among other places.

Farmer's book is about the history of Haiti. The real history, seen both through current and contemporary western accounts, and by Haitian historians. It's a political history, and Farmer makes no attempt to be "even handed". He wants us to be outraged. I don't know if he has an answer, in the end, but I think it's possible.

The first part of the story of "why they hate us", coming soon.

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