Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Learning stuff. I often have to walk away for a while. In this case, several months. The last time I tried to create a DVD of half of the play I recorded I was unsuccessful. I couldn't figure out what was going on, why it didn't work. I went to the Pinnacle Studios website and asked questions in one of the forums. Didn't get an answer. Finally, quite a while later, I figured out why it wasn't "rendering", but I still was unable to burn a disc. So I walked away again for a while. The other day I put together a smaller project and burned it successfully, so I knew I was taking the right steps. Then today I went at the play again and got act one on DVD. I am in the process of rendering act two, after which I will burn that to DVD and that should be that.

The sad thing is that the quality is so poor. Lighting in a theater, of course, tends not to be the best, and I was using an analog video camera. Fortunately, the sound was hooked to a microphone near the stage, so that part is pretty decent.

I do get discouraged easily and don't want to go back for quite a while. I am glad I do go back, most of the time, when I can. Sometimes there is a time factor and I lose the window and I walk away forever. Or I try some program, it doesn't work, I try another, something easier, and live with that.

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