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I have to measure it however I can. This was the last week of the iVillage "walk it off" challenge. I failed to follow all the instructions, but I did walk every day, six days a week, for six weeks. I know from previous experience that walking alone simply doesn't cut it for weight loss. However, I did lose about an inch and a half off my hips. Not what I'd call a noticeable reduction but hey, I noticed it, at least when I measured. Couldn't tell any other way.

My house is drowning in papers. And other stuff, but mostly it's the papers that are the hardest to get rid of. I am going to do some sorting today and take another look at flylady and think seriously about that "control journal". I seem to find motivation in writing things down. One of the big reasons for this journal.

It's Saturday, a chance to make a dent, I don't have a headache, my energy level is okay. I'd like to use next week's paycheck in part for a storage building but I need to be realistic. I need money for my trip and to make up for the lost work hours. So in the meantime I will pack things and look at selling or giving away some.

I think that I get engrossed in some things as a way of avoiding what I have to do. But that's putting such a negative spin on my interests. Why do I do that? I have been reading up on creating a nonprofit corporation and on sound. Learning how to make our business a nonprofit. Learning how to improve the quality of my recordings. Are these bad things? No.

Thing is, there is always something hanging over my head. I tell myself if I would just deal with that thing I'd feel better. But it isn't actually true. After I deal with these things there is always something else.

My father's mother used to tell him that he shouldn't have to worry about the everyday business of taking care of money, for example, because he was a creative genius and shouldn't be called upon to do such mundane things. Sometimes I think I picked up that way of thinking about myself! Why should I, creative genius, have to worry about these everyday things?

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