Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The blahs strike again. I need to go get kitty food for the Bullet. He's been hanging around, purring, kneading, letting me know what a terrific beastie he is, and the least I can do is get him some little cans of food that he likes. But I want to get an exercise vid in first. Otherwise it will be later and I will be even less wanting to do one. Here I am, into the 70s, mainly, having done so many of these videos, and it still isn't an ingrained habit, it is something I talk myself into day after day after day after...

  • utilities

    I went into tier 2 in electricity last month. Only a tiny amount but I always wonder what kicked it over when this happens. Gas stayed in tier one.

  • utilities

    Once again I stayed in the first tier for both gas and electricity last month. Good for me!

  • utilities

    Curses. I stayed within tier one for gas but went into tier 2 for electricity last month. I wonder what I was using electricity for. More than usual.

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