Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

presents to myself

My new microphone and my hard drive enclosure arrived yesterday. I have taken them out of their boxes to look at them, and I have plugged the cable (which arrived yesterday) into the microphone and recorder and recorded my voice. Now I am reading about the microphone. In the users' guide it offers simple information about where to place the microphone to get the sound you want. I'm excited!

The microphone is heavy and the cord is large. I will be wanting a microphone stand and maybe a shorter cable as well. I'm also thinking about what kind of box I can get to keep this equipment together so it doesn't get tangled up. Right now most of it fits inside a largish plastic kitchen container, but it's all jumbled together. So today I'll check Radio Shack to see about the stand and cables and perhaps windscreens as well. This microphone has a built-in windscreen, inside, but I suspect in the windy areas I go I'll be needing more.

The hard drive enclosure is a simple thing, pretty almost. I look forward to pulling the drives out of the other computer and plugging them in, seeing what I have. I think there's a good chance that my larger drive will have survived.

Thanks to Reagan, I have the day off, but no pay. Which seems appropriate, although most of those who have the day off are in fact getting paid for it. It will be good to have the day to myself. I am going to see if I can get my car in for service, which it needs.

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