Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I was a lot more tired when I got home today than I was yesterday. And I got home earlier, left work at two because I worked through my normal lunch hour. I had to deal with several little fires so I felt a little stressed, but at least needed.

I stopped at Schlotzsky's, had a sandwich, salad, drink, which all felt good, felt healthy, didn't overburden my system. I dropped off a bag full of stuff at Goodwill, then went home. After fiddling around a bit, thinking about my walk for the day, where to go, I got to feeling so groggy that I lay down until four, I guess about a half-hour. Then took off for a walk, from which I have just returned. I feel a bit better. I would feel a lot better if my knee didn't hurt. I would love to contemplate walking and walking, getting stronger and stronger, walking many hours, like Paul Farmer, the doctor in Haiti, and just feeling energized by it. Instead I would be crippled. I know I whine too much about this but it is going to take some time to overcome the loss of the ability to walk the way I once did, once loved.

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