Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Many things going through my head right now. I am working on a newsletter for the foundation. I find that I have trouble working with the programs that figure out the html for me. I tried Publisher because I wanted to use the ability to see what I was doing right off, but now that I want to make changes I find it enormously annoying. This happens almost always. I need to stick to what I know.

I am thinking about Trading Spaces and the emotional changes that must take place in people's lives when faced with changes to parts of their homes. I admire the designers for sticking to their guns at times, but of course sometimes that is really nothing more than ego. I wonder how often people change their thinking during these weekends. Some people are so very stuck and can't let go enough to see someone else's vision. I hope I am not that way. I know I want certain things, expect certain things, but I hope I'd be able to accept a wildly different room in my house. Certainly there is nothing designed about what's here now. The show has been giving me courage to go ahead and try other things, I will say that.

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