Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Figuring stuff out

Whenever there is a shift in my schedule I do not make the most of it. It takes a while for me to adjust. This is the third week that I have not had evening activities - although tonight I was going to go to a meetup and forgot - and I have not been terrifically productive on these nights. I go to bed each night looking at stuff that would be good if it were moved or thrown away or something, and I think about getting back to flylady in earnest, and then I go to bed, have a restless night, slog through the morning mail early the next day, go to work, slog through that, come home...and so on.

I think it helps to realize that I need an adjustment period. When I quit SLO city and was on my own without a job for several weeks I was not immediately productive, but in fact I was doing better than I expected. I soon filled my hours with activities and could happily have continued if I could have afforded it. I was surprised that I had no trouble being without a "title".

I would like that life back, for good. But in the meantime I adjust. I have about a year left on this job so I will probably go for retirement around this time next year. It's a nice thought but I do need to feel okay about the money.

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