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My new toy

My Sony MD walkman MZ-NZ07 arrived yesterday in the mail. It was missing the manual and a few minor things but it looks beautiful. It is smaller than I expected, a couple of inches square, oh maybe three inches. It is blue, fairly thin. Among the accessories was a thing that looked like a microphone. Small, looks like a T with two microphone heads forming the top of the T and the plug the bottom.

There was no minidisk enclosed so I couldn't try it right away. Finding a recordable minidisk was the first challenge. Fortunately, the guy at BestBuy actually knew where to look. I bought a pack of fifteen, enclosed in three plastic boxes, each disk so beautiful, wow wow. Rather like a floppy disk but smaller and more elegant and just so beautiful.

I went to Borders, hoping to be able to record there. But I wasn't able to get it to work. I had found the right size battery (the rechargable one was also not included; I intend to ask the seller about these things). But for whatever reason it just wasn't functioning.

Today, though, I printed out several pages from the manual, which of course I found online, and actually got it to record! Two tracks so far, just me talking and various sounds in the background.

It is so clear and clean! I am so incredibly impressed! I am sure the microphone is a cheap one but that doesn't seem to matter much at all. It will be that much better when I get the mic with the longer cord and more functionality. Now I want to go out to noisy places around town and find out what I pick up, how well I do just recording my voice over the din.

I love my new toy! But I am using it for more than a toy, at least potentially. My plan is bigger than that. I want to do audio interviews, and have a few in mind. For starters, though, to test and practice, I am going to record myself reading a book, a children's book. I"ll edit it, add music, copy to a CD. Then if I feel like it's worth it, I can send copies to Joey and to other little ones in the family. I'm excited!! This is going to be so much fun!


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