Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I have been absent from here because I keep thinking of attelage's loss. Somehow, although I have never met her in person and did not know her husband, I felt the need to observe silence for a while. I think, too, of how little we really do know our LJ friends, those of us who do not encounter each other on the street. And it saddens me in some ways. It is like having friends for whom we have no real responsibility. I don't think that's altogether bad, given we have to focus more energy on what is nearer to us physically, but I wonder about those who deceive themselves into believing these friends are full-on, and who live in this world more than in the real. I am torn, really, because my journal is first of all for me and friends are a secondary feature. Yet I know that every one of us is real. The pain is real. I only get a partial dose of my friends' pain and it seems wrong.

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