Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The Baker Effect?

On my way home Saturday afternoon I stopped in Baker. I wanted something cold, and a TCBY sign drew me into a combination gas station-convenience - fast food place. Traditionally I stop at the Mad Greek's but there wasn't anything I wanted there this time (although their fresh yogurt really is wonderful).

When I pulled into the parking area I noticed four or five vehicles parked in the gas pump lanes but nobody was outside pumping gas. I noticed groups of people inside these cars, just sitting there. They may have been eating something. I couldn't tell. It was quiet and the air was still and there were these ghost-like cars sitting there as if they were there for eternity.

I went inside, saw the long counter with Subway sandwiches (or were they Blimpies?), TCBY, and some other thing. A few workers were behind the counter and very few people were inside the entire store, which also included a full convenience store. I went up to the yogurt section and ordered a medium yogurt, white chocolate as I recall...no, white chocolate mousse. Not that I crave that, particularly. Whatever the other choice was was less appealing, is all. The price was high - four dollars - and the clerk didn't bother to ask if I wanted a topping. I discovered the toppings there when he handed me the cup and I figured it wasn't worth getting into. The man's general demeanor didn't please me. Nor did the whole place. I remembered that I'd had the same feeling the last time I'd stopped at this place. I don't think I'll go back. But still I wonder about those cars.

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