Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Tripping - part III

Sunday night we took the metro to Shady Grove, where Liisa picked us up. When we arranged to meet there, Liisa told us to go to the "KISS 'N RIDE" location. When Elaine told me this, I figured the "KISS" part was some kind of acronym, maybe even "keep it simple, stupid".

The station opens to a central room and exits to the left and to the right. We didnt' know which side was the "kiss 'n ride" side. We asked the person at the counter and were told both sides were kiss n ride sides. Elaine asked someone else, who was apparently waiting for a ride, and he pointed to one side. People were driving up to pick people up on both sides, but there were no kiosks or signs saying "kiss 'n ride". Seemed like there should be. So first we tried one, then, after waiting there a while, Elaine said she'd check out the other, see if Liisa were there waiting for us. Which she was. Elaine and Liisa came back together to get me.

Yeah, I was still crippled then, not up for wandering up and down stairs and down halls.

Turns out "kiss and ride" is simply a "metro term" meaning a drop-off point. Not only that, but the signs vehicles follow going in actually say "Kiss and Ride". And it means a place where one person kisses the other goodby as he or she heads for the train. We observed this behavior while there.

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