Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Tripping - an interlude

Taking it out of turn...

This morning I got up early, as always. No matter how late I get to bed I can almost never sleep in. So today I was up early again. During the night I woke several times and was thinking about Mary's computer and how I would fix it. When I got up I decided to give it one more shot, see if I could save the system. If not, then it was clean install time.

yesterday Mary and I looked at some new computers, because we are considering a replacement. We found some we thought would do the job but figured we'd wait a bit, think about which, so we went off to buy a bike instead. Yay! Mary has a new bike! And be both like it! In fact, I'm jealous. It's cool looking and it's lighter than mine. But I have such a fondness for my bike that my jealousy isn't all that meaningful.

I connected the monitor and turned on Mary's computer when I got up. I saw the "goback" screen rush by with the instructions to hit the space bar if I wanted to use it. I continued the startup and it stalled on the wallpaper as usual, no icons, no start menu, so I figured I'd see if I could get it to go back far enough.

I went back to March 31. No good. Same problem. Then I worked it back as far as it would go, which was March 22, early morning. AND IT WORKED! I saved Mary's computer! I feel so powerful, even though I didn't really do that much. It was so hard to do anything by phone. I just had to be here, to see the computer and think about it and work with it myself.

Now I feel such power I feel we can fix Mary's curtains. One of the brackets needs to be reinstalled. We can do this.

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