Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Easter egg hunt

I volunteered for the Pismo easter egg hunt this morning. I had the "welcome table", along with a Parks, Rec, and Beautification Commissioner, Tom. We stamped each child's hand and gave them a goodie bag. We told them about the raffle ticket in each bag and pointed out the table where they could guess the number of jelly beans in the jar. I figured this would be a good assignment because the bulk of our work would be done early and we could then enjoy the scene.

Kids were coming in almost for the full two hours. It wasn't easy to keep up with all the hand stamping and handing out and explaining, and we ran out of goody bags. There were 411 of these bags, a lot more than last year, and after we ran out over twenty more children came along.

I also took on the job of determining who came closest to the number of jellybeans in the jar (1034). This meant perusing several sheets of names and guesses and sorting them quickly to find the top ten or so, just in case the top person wasn't there when the prize was awarded.

Volunteering for this rec dept is always exhausting! When there was a lull, I ran around with my camera, and when our table was flat out of everything I tried to get some representative shots of everything - bag decorating, egg decorating, bounce house, Easter bunny (costume), real bunny (friendly), balloon animal maker (I missed getting the action but got some of the inventive hats this person made), ball toss game, egg hunts, other egg games...

I don't know of other rec departments that do it the way we do. Everything is free, except for the food table, which is run by a nonprofit organization, in this case the La Leche League. The foods offered were wonderful - Hobee's coffee cake, bagels, naked juices, Starbucks coffee. Volunteers got food free. But that isn't all. The woman heading up that table called me over at the end and handed me a box loaded with leftover coffee cake. ! I couldn't refuse it, I just couldn't.

Now I am planning which way I will upload photos from the event...so folks at city hall, at least, can choose and take what they want. I also have shots of the egg cooking a few of us did Thursday, preliminary to the event. There were 32 dozen eggs and that wasn't enough... in addition to the filled plastic eggs used for the hunts. Of which there were something like 4,000.

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