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Today the people in our Conference and Visitors Bureau, an arm of the City, arranged to have a magician entertain us for a half hour, from one to one-thirty. An April Fools thing. They brought cookies, muffins, and lemonade, and several of us came down to the council chamber to take part.

The magician is a friend of the head of the CVB, and he's very good. I am still mystified at how he did what he did, particularly guessing words we had in our heads.

More, though, I felt that funny kind of pride in being part of a "team" that sometimes plays together. City workers, getting together for this silly little thing.

Later, as I was driving to a favored coffee house in Pismo Beach, I felt a bit of that same kind of pride just being, in the way that I am, a part of this community. It's odd that I would feel this way about a city I don't actually live in and about businesses I have had nothing to do with opening or running.

Whenever I work somewhere I "adopt" it. I adopted the downtown when I worked for SLO, I adopted the city of Atascadero and reveled in its little events and markets when I worked there. I even adopted parts of Paso Robles when I worked by the airport there, adopting a bread company in the town, for example, and taking a kind of pride in the catering truck that created coffee drinks for us once a week. I adopted Norfolk on Long Island and "the Village" when I worked in those places. I like to absorb and be a part of wherever I work, and do what I can to be a real part of them.

I think that's one reason I like volunteering for the rec dept events - Easter egg hunt coming soon - and reflecting the enjoyment citizens take in them. I don't really understand this, why it is a kind of pride, but it is.

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