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Back from Las Vegas. As always, a mixed blessing time. Misunderstandings, miscommunications, resentments. I had some good times - hiking with Elaine, shopping with Mary, talking with Joey.

I am glad to be home, of course, always am. All three cats were here to welcome me and Bullet has settled into the laptop carrier. He fits just about right and matches the color. Hoover looks like he has grown a bit into his tummy, looks longer-legged than I remember.

I am tired but not as much as if I had driven from las vegas instead of flown from lv to sj and then driven home. Traffic flowed well, the day was beautiful, the hills were green, the music was lifting. I have a bit of a headache, to be expected.

I was tempted to respond to comments about the article on suicide and antidepressants but I am trying to stay quiet. I feel antidepressants are not good for anybody over the long haul, that people can and should get off them gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal symptoms include depressions that mimic the original, which is why so many people think they can't get along without them). I won't change my mind, not likely, because everything I have read and know from experience leads me to these conclusions and I have written my thoughts reasonably cogently on my web site. If I have the strength, I'll get around to adding that article to the ones listed on that web page. Anyway, again, this is my journal and I don't want to get into arguments here, just to express my feelings and thoughts. Others can express theirs but I don't feel obligated to respond, because I've made my position pretty clear here and on my web site.

Tired tired tired...


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