Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

political parties

For many years I was registered as an "independent". On the registration form, unfortunately, the choice is "declines to state", as if I were hiding my party affiliation. I really was an "independent", aligned with no party.

I moved to Green for a while, if only to show some kind of emphasis on the environment. I don't tend to vote for Green candidates except in minor elections.

I am currently registered Democrat, a registration I hurriedly completed so that I could vote in a Dean caucus in February.

But fundamentally I am still where I was years ago. I don't like parties. I prefer to vote for the person and I do not find party "platforms" all that helpful. Worse, I am disgusted and dismayed by the animosity between parties in Congress and elsewhere. I heard a discussion a year or so ago on public radio that included Democratic and Republican congressmen. They all said that the antipathy between the parties is far stronger than it used to be, that it is almost impossible to get votes that cross party lines. In years past it was not unknown for congressional members to work well together, not have a need to put on a show of opposition to the other party. There has not always been this win-lose thing, although it does appear to be a natural consequence of a two-party system.

I believe even a multi-party system, where members of congress are elected on the basis of the percentage of popular votes that party gets, would be preferable. But I honestly would prefer that we have no political parties at all.

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