Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

the evening

Last night I went to Paso Robles to see a concert by the Concordia University kappela. It is a choir of about 50 persons. Much of the music was lovely, some pieces really beautiful. When they were singing one of the last pieces it was so beautiful that I thought the trip to Paso was worth it for that alone.

Concordia is a Lutheran university, which I did not know before I went. Students there study theology, although they specialize in teaching or music or other things.

The choir is good enough to have recorded three CDs, which they had for sale there. I felt that some of the entrances were a bit ragged, but once in they were clear and confident. Oddly, in the first half of the program many of the members were too glued to their music, not looking up enough. I understand how one can see through a kind of peripheral vision, but as a chorale member myself I feel one can focus better and sing better if one relies less on staring at the notes and words.

It seemed to me that the chorale likes its director. He was friendly, smiling all the time, seemed genuinely fond of the chorale and glad to be there.

Because the church's "stage" - what is that called? - didn't entirely suit the group, they made use of Rubbermaid stools, white. Not everyone, just a few on the sides and several in the back. One or two had stacked steps. I wondered if they brought them with them for just this sort of thing. I suspect so. Certainly I know I would be really uncomfortable standing on one of those for a concert, but they seemed used to it.

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