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The students have discovered my local coffee place. Good for the business, not so great for me. I went in there after doing a hike this afternoon and had to wait for my chance at a real table. And then the soup was all sold out. Two students were in there with their laptops but I'm quite sure they were not online. I don't think that place has wireless internet.

My walk started there, in that little shopping center, a few blocks from Stoneridge Drive. I parked my car in the lot and walked to Stoneridge Drive, then up the hill to the entrance to the Stoneridge hiking trail. There was a small herd of young cattle in the open space area, even on parts of the trail itself. They were beautiful young males, with short horns, different coloration, huge beautiful eyes. They looked to be no more than driving age, still fairly lean, the way nature intended. A couple of them let me get quite close before they backed away timidly. I talked to them, telling them how beautiful they are, how sweet and lovely they looked. I do have a habit of talking to any kind of animal I come across. Lizards, birds, dogs, horses...cows...

I had the trail to myself most of the way. On my last lap, downhill, I passed two couples, each with a baby carried in a front pack by the man. I remembered how I had lived with packs like that when my girls were young. I painted, went grocery shopping, everything, and the little ones were quite content there.

It wasn't until I was near the gate again that my knee started acting up. So I limped the rest of the way, stopping at the intersection of Broad and Orcutt to press buttons to cross. There are three separate crosswalks in that intersection and the walk signals are fairly new, so they each emit a different kind of sound. One is like a bionic bird, and sometimes I find myself looking in the nearby trees to see if I can see the animal that made the sound. Or I wonder if real birds ever respond to that sound. There was another sound there: a barbershop quartet was rehearsing in the parking lot of the nearby Crossroads center. I am guessing they were getting ready for a gig nearby, perhaps even in the diner there.

By the time I got back to my car my walk had taken about an hour. A good enough walk, justifying food at the coffee place. I ordered soup, but after a delay while i was waiting for my order the clerk apologized, said they were out, how about a half sandwich? So that's what I had. Quite a nummy veggie sandwich, and half was just right.

Now home, where Stretch is once again pursuing the little Hoover. I caught him attacking him from the rear earlier. Does he think Hoover is a female?
Wouldn't matter, considering Stretch is neutered, but I guess the feelings, the instincts, are intact, and he just needs to practice now and then. Hoover, for his part, tends to prefer to attack inanimate objects. Nothing is safe.

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