Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

mental illness "stigma"

There is a movement to remove the "stigma" from being "mentally ill". I am disturbed by this because:

It promotes the idea that a person, once ill, is always ill - similar to being born female or black.

It suggests that this is the big issue facing the so-called mentally ill. That society is afraid of them or thinks of them as "different". The do-gooders in this instance want to propagate the idea that the mentally ill are still people, that they are not necessarily dangerous...

...that they just need to take their meds.

My contention is that most of these folks are not actually "mentally ill". Many of them are brain-damaged, which is not the same thing, and most of that damage comes from the meds.

I am bothered by the inappropriate focus, by the media, the doctors, the hospitals, and government, on the "mental health crisis". The worry about the many persons who are not diagnosed, who are not "getting treatment". Those, my friends, are the lucky ones, if by "treatment" is meant the current standard of meds and electroshock. The worry that there "aren't enough beds". There wouldn't be need for more if we were not continually creating new long-term cases!

There is a crisis, all right. But it's a crisis of misinformation, not "access to treatment".

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