Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The headache finally did go away, not without a lot of complaint. I feel pretty good now. I went to see City of God at the Palm Theatre. Amazing film in a lot of ways. Shocking, graphic, ,but interestingly crafted, thoughtful...the most violent film I believe I have ever seen.

I continue to be frustrated by the movie making business. I am going to buy Elaine's video camera from her, which will allow me to have an easier time of it in the future, but right now I am unable to capture the analog video either with the Windows movie maker or with Pinnacle's program. The tech guy at Pinnacle finally said to try it on another computer. Forget that. That's just nuts. I've gone through enough contortions already.

Perhaps I will go ahead and make VHS copies of this tape so I can at least get them to the actors. A pain but it's what I signed up for and I haven't performed.

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