Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

pluses and minuses

I have gone out to find things and to fix things. I got my phone fixed - I dropped it yesterday and the cover came off. The person at cingular managed to get it on again. I found a gizmo that is supposed to let me capture video from my analog camcorder to my computer. But it appears to be only for stereo camcorders and mine isn't. I found a help page and sent in a question about what to do about that.

I tried twice to transfer files from my old computer to my laptop and both times failed. Couldn't reach the other computer, even though they had been corresponding earlier. No idea how to fix that.

Now I installed Law & Order (the game) (the first one) and when I tried to install Direct X it said no good for Windows XP, install Service Pack 1 instead. So I went to Windows and looked for updates. There are many. Here's my question: why don't they update these operating systems at the factory? I guess it's just that much extra work. Damn it.

I managed to hook up to the internet inside Borders, through T-mobile. That was fun. But I only have it for thirty days. Have to decide whether I want to pay for that after that.

I'm learning, anyway. I love this big screen.

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