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I am home from the Dean caucus. It was good, it was inspiring in its homely way, it was nice to be on the road with a bunch of Deaniacs. But I am so tired. I was up very early, stopped on the way to Elaine's motel to get batteries and granola bars, we went hiking, we went for a fast breakfast, then I took off like a maniac (no, Deaniac) to join the others for the trip to Santa Barbara for the caucus. The bus - which ended up being two vans and a station wagon - arrived late, we had fits and starts, finally got on the road and got there in plenty of time. The Veterans Building in Santa Barbara - faces the ocean, such a setting.

Unfortunately, our driver left the "running lights" on. I thought those things turned off automatically but they do not, not in all cars, and because this was a rented van, she didn't know they were still on. And when we got back in the van to return home, the battery was seriously dead.

One of our group patiently spoke to Enterprise and the Auto Club several times before being given an ETA of 20 minutes for the tow truck. It did arrive, we did get started, we got on the road an hour later than anticipated. I'm just tired, I'm glad I was not driving.

In the van coming home I got calls from both Mary and Elaine, who were headed in opposite directions. Elaine going home to Vegas, Mary coming here from Vegas. But not on the same route. Neither of them makes the trip as often as I do and things go wrong a LOT. This time Elaine got way off track and ended up spending something like four hours more on the road than she should have. She's only halfway there now, poor thing, dead tired, sick of the whole thing, wishes she hadn't come.

But I did have a good visit with her.

Mary took a break for dinner so she got behind her schedule and is also very tired, thinking of calling it a night somewhere in the middle, like Mojave.

It's always dramatic when they are on the road, it seems. Maybe it's better, best, that I usually go there.

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