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programming errors

I tried to join a web designers' forum but got a "busy" message when I tried to submit my information. Then I went to my body challenge journal and wrote an entry and got an error message. Seriously irritating. I am trying to keep a record in that journal of how I am doing with the challenge, what gains I am seeing, what problems I am having. So that I don't lose today's post, I'm putting it here:

A different kind of popup ad, that isn't a real popup ad, comes in here these days - the Special K thing. REally irritating, and isn't killed by my popup killers.

My weight is not dropping in the absurd way it was initially, but seems to be stabilizing, which is encouraging. I don't yet notice a difference in the way clothes fit but expect maybe I will in a week or so. I am starting to have more energy again.

Yesterday I did a walk up Orcutt to Broad, got some tea at the coffee place, then walked down Broad to Industrial Way, went home by the railroad tracks. It's about 45 minutes, and my knees weren't liking it at all, so I was taking it easy. Not satisfying because I was too aware of the pain and was not walking fast, so my breathing did not get going as it does on the bike.

I think bicycling is good, better than walking, but I don't want to do just bicycling for aerobic activity. Maybe I can get back into some kind of exercise video.


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Jan. 25th, 2004 08:36 am (UTC)
someone may have sent spyware to your computer. We got spyware on our computer by installing Kodak easy share software. They have a spyware program in their software! We kept getting pop-ups and our computer was soooo slow! When we found a message board online that talked about the software having spyware, we realized that was what had happneed to us. We got rid of the software and had to reformat our computer. Now everything is better. But M is still very angry about the whole thing.
Jan. 25th, 2004 09:22 am (UTC)
No, I am sure it isn't spyware. I have a very good spyware killer and I just ran it yesterday, cleaned up the place. I also use the google popup killer, which does a terrific job. This is a new kind of popup that the killers don't seem to catch as easily. If you go to Discovery.com, to discovery health, you may see it, the Special K ad. It fades after a little bit. I've run into these before and wonder why any company would allow this kind of abuse. I mean, it makes me feel irritated at discovery.com, when I really am not irritated by the normal advertising around the edges of the pages.
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