Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

bike foray

For the first time in...how long?? I unlocked my bike. I rinsed it off, tried to fill the tires with my hand pump (not so good), then walked the bike to the gas station and filled the tires there. I rode around the station, came back to put more air in the front tire, then rode down Broad St to Santa Barbara, up to the bike shop, turned onto the railroad right-of-way, rode back home that way. Not a long trip, and one I could have walked if necessary, but enough to discover that the bike is doing fine.

I think I will buy it some stuff, though. Teflon spray, a new chain removing tool, maybe some other goodies that could make it feel better. I thought of bringing it in for a tuneup at a bike shop but more and more these days the work they do is rather cursory and I can certainly do most of it myself. It's good to get that close to the bike again, the way I was when I rode every day.

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