Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I think Stretch knows

When I came in last night, late, Stretch was nowhere to be seen. Bullet was inside, comfortably warm, while rain and wind buffeted the house. Of course he couldn't see his way clear to staying warm and dry, wanted out, so I let him out.

I brought the new kitty, temp name Harry, into my bedroom in the cat carrier. I let him out there on the bed, and he took off under the bed, where he stayed all night. He emerged briefly this morning, then went back. I kept my door closed.

Stretch was not at the door first thing, which is odd. When he finally did show up I had a feeling he was out of sorts. He let me pet him and feed him and even rose up to my hand, but there was something there...could he be wondering if I'm cheating on him??

He wanted out soon after he'd had a few bites, didn't even stay around to lie in my lap at the computer, which he usually does.

Fortunately, this outside thing works for the newbie. I left him in my room, access to food and litter box. I need to set up another temp litter box elsewhere for the other two when they choose to spend some time indoors.

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