Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

A kitty

There has been a siamese cat hanging around Elaine's apartment lately. She noticed that her downstairs neighbor has been feeding it, and she started to feed it also, but she didn't know if it was abandoned. So yesterday she checked with several nearby neighbors.

The renters of an apartment in a building near Elaine's were kicked out a few months ago, is the story, and apparently they left their two cats behind. One, this lovely siamese, and two, a more distant black and white kitty that can be seen lurking in the area. At least three people have been feeding them.

I had a sense that I might be bringing this little guy home with me. Yesterday we picked him up (not for the first time) and brought him inside elaine's apartment (for the first time). The resident cats, Bacall and Bogey, were not so happy to see the intruder, and his reaction was to head for the door. When Elaine picked him up his little heart was racing, but he was in no way aggressive. Even inside the apartment, with these two mean cats, he let Joey haul him around.

He is just the sweetest cat, and a pretty little thing as well.

We went to PetsMart where I obtained, among other things, a new cat carrier.

I do hope to find another home for him, not in my house, but if he ends up there it will not be a disaster.

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