Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Ghost of Christmas past

Christmas came and went, and here we are back in reality. My daughters got me much more than I expected - clothing, books, CDs. I was almost embarrassed. Of course Joey made out hugely, so many toys he has no way to taking them all in. Still, he has managed to play with several, work out how they go, and has not spent all his time with his new gameboy.

I suppose I join millions who wonder will video games, in the long run, be harmful or beneficial or maybe a bit of each, for a child? I do worry that with a portable gameboy Joey may lose his interest in his surroundings, in taking part in other activities. It doesn't seem like he will, given his personality, but who knows?

Joey's room is a huge mess. He had two little visitors last night and somehow the three of them spread everything all over the floor. Most of all the colored markers. There doesn't seem to be any reason to have these markers all over the floor, except that they were thrown there. I don't want to spend the day pushing him to clean up his room so I may just take him off to see his auntie and let him deal with it later.

It's cold and beautiful outside. It rained last night, and the wind blew and I loved it. Friends of Mary came over and we all had dinner and wine and talked and then Elaine said she had to go home...so I had to bring her there. Maybe I should have just let her take my car. Mary started to worry that I should not be driving, so Elaine drove to her house and I drove back - by the time I got back Mary was conked out and so was Joey. She doesn't even remember her guests leaving.

In spite of the wine I felt fine when I woke this morning. I am afraid I have developed a tolerance that my family is famous for. I don't want to take advantage of it. Mary was more lucky although she wouldn't see it that way - she woke with a headache and threw up and left for work feeling shitty.

Must get the boy out of the bathtub now. And off to auntie's. We will probably go to Red Rock again.

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