Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Culture shock

Last night Elaine, Mary, Joey, and I saw The Nutcracker at the Samba Theatre in the Rio. The ballet was performed by the Nevada Ballet Theatre with a host of Nutcracker children (from their dance school), accompanied by members of the Las Vegas Philharmonic.

It was a dazzler. Terrific dancers, costumes, sets - the sets were composed mainly of painted screens that descended from the ceiling seamlessly, one into another, and lighting effects - patterns on the floor and wall at times. There were therefore no breaks for scene changes.

The orchestra was wonderful, rich, alive. It was such a treat to see these professional dancers and professional musicians in this delightfully-staged presentation, ending with a sleigh carrying off Clara and Fritz up up and away...into the sky. Shades of Santa, perhaps, but appropriate in this case.

I just knew there was something like culture in this city. I knew it.

The awareness of the audience, though, perhaps a different thing. Mary overheard at least three people during the intermission say, "It's good but I'm having trouble following it".

The program offers a decent synopsis, and lists the scenes as well. It's not really a complicated story.

We sat in the Sao Paolo Cafe afterward, surrounded by many little groups containing little girls in velvet dresses, and had a full meal. All that following worked up our appetites.

Joey did well, for his age. He talked a lot, asked a lot of questions, but it didn't seem like he was truly disruptive in that large theatre, in the cheap seats in the balcony. ("Cheap", of course, is a relative term.) There were many children of different ages, and occasionally I would hear a comment ring out from some distant part of the theatre and know that Joey wasn't the only one talking.

Now I want to see this ballet company again, preferably doing a modern ballet. And the symphony, which I've been wanting to hear for some time. We'll try to schedule these things for future visits.

Now it's Christmas Eve! I have places to go, people to meet.

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