Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I'm just leaving Elaine's place to go to Mary's. The weather is good, cool, all seems well. Mary has today and tomorrow off, with the exception of some school things.

Except for the very end, the trip was good. I got stuck in constructoin traffic on I-15 in Las Vegas, and took heart from thinking that it made me feel like a real Las Vegan. Residents here joke about the "rush hour" - 24-hour rush hour. Pretty much, in some places. And, too, when we squeezed out of the single-lane choke we had a free freeway in front of us, the emptiest I've ever seen it, for about two miles. Then the cars started entering from other entrances and it filled up again, but there was that brief moment in time.

I'm having too many ideas about additional gifts. I may have to hold myself back.

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