Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

the kitty

Bullet got out of jail yesterday. When I got him home he howled to get out. I kept him in as long as I could stand, and until I had gotten his antibiotic down his throat, then I let him out. I don't know if he was intent on finding the cat that jumped him or what. And for that matter, I have to wonder if I "should see the other guy". It may be that Bullet did not get the worst of the encounter.

The staples extend from his shoulder down much of his left front leg. He does not seem to be worrying them too much. I wonder if staples are more secure, less susceptible to being pulled out by teeth, than are stitches. Stretch, of course, had to sniff around and investigate and lick, but he didn't seem inclined to rip them out either.

Both boys slept on my bed last night, a comforting thing for me. Stretch, as usual, by my head, near me, while Bullet staked out a place less likely to be disturbed.

The vet also cleaned Bullet's teeth while he was under. I appreciate that, as it makes good use of the anesthetic.

I overheard the technician telling a new client about their anesthetics. They use a gas, a human anesthetic, rather than an IV. She said they feel the IV method often puts the animals too far under, and they can bring them back quickly by turning off the gas. As usual, this vet office keeps up, keeps trying to find the best methods for the animals, and that's why I keep going there.

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