Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Life with Joey

I leave tomorrow. Sigh. It's been a busy several days, and it's been good.

Thanksgiving was peaceful and simple: soup, salad, bread, pies, additional lasagne and mashed potatoes for those who wanted more. We had two guests - Joey's dad and Elaine's friend Liz. We played a board game, had a nice time.

Joey and Mary and I made the pumpkin pies and the soup and Mary made the salad. We used a Marie Callendar's cornbread mix, bought an apple pie, bought a decent veggie lasagne. The food was terrific, in part I am sure because we did it together. Joey loves cooking.

Yesterday Elaine and Joey and I went on a hike in Red Rock Canyon. So beautiful. We chose an easy popular hike, and at the beginning we were part of a crowd. The trail looked like the freeway, unreal. The rush diminished, though, so for most of the trek we were with ourselves.

The hiking exacerbated my knee problems, as usual. They haven't eased up yet, but I know they will.

On the way to meet Mary for dinner last night we got stuck in parking-lot traffic on the 95 freeway. It took more than half an hour to go two miles, to the exit we wanted. We finally passed the remains of the accident, and saw a smashed police car along with remains of others that were being cleared up. We learned later that the accident was the result of a hot pursuit. The police car deliberately crashed the car they were chasing. I hope it was worth it! Lordy. The freeway was completely closed down by the scene, and we had to creep by along the edge to get to freedom.

All this delay led to mixed feelings about doing what we'd planned - ballroom dancing. We ended up tearing across town to a movie theater and seeing The Missing at the Orleans casino. Good movie, nice little holiday warmth and happiness there. Couldn't stop laughing.

Actually, yes, good movie. I just wasn't expecting it to be so intense.

Probably just as well about the dancing, although I had worn my dancing shoes and felt the urge to do a couple of turns here and there. Resisted them.

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