Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

buffleheads and boats

Today was busy. At 8:00 a.m. we were due at Santa Margarita Lake for a bird walk. We got there early, but so did the leader, Douglas. He was setting up his spotting scope in the parking area. We borrowed binoculars and by the time the full group was there we were ready to move. We spotted birds near the lake, taking a walk to various spots, then got into our cars to drive to another location to see other birds. Two and a half hours, and I had to admit that these folks seemed pretty much like regular folks in spite of the fact that they were "birders".

I managed to mark my paper guide as we found birds, and by the end had seen 32 different birds. I never would have expected that. I learned quite a bit about them, learned some new names, got a better sense of where they hang out. This kind of outing is ideal for me for getting a clue, and I hope to go on others. It will only add to my hikes yet another dimension.

In the afternoon we went kayaking. More birds! How I love those pelicans! The rudder adjustment levers were not in the right place when we started out, in our two-person kayak, so we kept veering in directions we did not want to go. We finally decided to beach the boat so Paul could get out and adjust the pedals or levers or whatever they are (they are in his part of the boat). We found a beach area on a sand spit and Paul got out of the boat and immediately went under. He had stepped on some sort of underwater bench that dropped considerably. Then Karsten, who was there in his kayak to help with the rudders, also got out and also went under. I couldnt' help it. I just laughed, was unable to dredge up any real sympathy. Of course, if I had gone over it would have been a different story.

Our struggles with the boat certainly gave us more exercise than we'd intended, so by the end of our tour I for one was really tired. Am really tired. We had wine and snacks at Karsten & Yiena's, then went for dinner at an Italian restaurant. I am so done with today, so tired!

But oh, the title. Buffleheads. That's the name of one of the birds we saw. Such a terrific name. And they are damned cute birds, too.

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