Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


Tonight we split up so we were not sitting next to anyone in our own section. It never works perfectly, so I had a soprano to my right, alto to my left, another soprano to the rear. I sat in the front row.

The soprano behind me has a loud, piercing voice. She knows not soft, nor does she get the concept of blending. If anyone had been watching me, they would have often seen that I was in actual pain.

At the break I went over to where Dorothy sat, surrounded by good singers, and lamented my fate. She noted that the person I was accusing is also a highly annoying person. I had to agree. Ever since the first day she joined the choir she's been a pain in the ass. The one who pops up with "Is that where we're supposed to be singing all sixteenth notes? SOME of us aren't doing it!" It's clear she figures she alone is doing things right...I have some news for her...

After the break I found another seat, across the room from this person. Even from there I could hear her, but at least she wasn't obliterating every other sound in my vicinity. I can see how one person can wreck a section, and if strategically placed even a whole chorale. People have a tendency to try to compete with a voice like this, and so the group gets louder and louder and is soon shouting.

I am blessed with a voice that "blends". Times like tonight I am so glad. I feel okay, I feel like a real contributor.

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