Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

sympathetic plumber

The plumber came today. I told him my situation: that I had replaced the wax seal several times, had replaced the parts inside the toilet, and this would work for a while, but eventually it would leak from the bottom again. I said the toilet is not level on the floor, and that I believe this is where the problem really lies.

He agreed with me. He nodded sympathetically, said he was sorry to have to tell me this, but that there was really nothing for it but to call in someone to fix the floor. He had seen this situation many times and it was not fixable except by such drastic means.

Unfortunately, he knew nobody he could suggest to do the work. He did suggest that I use a licensed contractor, and I certainly agree with that (having had enough of the other kind). He practically clicked his tongue in commiseration, asked for no money for his trouble, and left me to it.

I went to the yellow pages, found "home maintenance and repair", and lit upon a familiar name. A business that had started out as an appliance repair business from a home. I was working for this city at the time and had to tell this person that he was not permitted to repair washers and dryers and refrigerators from his home. I worked with him, suggesting that he find a small place in a commercial district, even share space with another small business. This is what he did, and now his business has grown exponentially. I see his trucks everywhere, he has expanded into all kinds of repair and contracting work. So I thought, this guy was direct and honest from the start, and I liked that. Chances are I won't see him but I may as well use his business. I called and left a message. One step at a time here.

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